How to install a free StartSSL certificate in Plesk

(Versión en español aquí)

Here I leave you a trick about how to install a free startssl certificate in Plesk.

1 .- Validate in Plesk, go to the domain and then click to certificates.

2 .- Fill certificate data form (I recommend using 2048-bit),  accept and send the request. This will generate the CSR key and private key.

3 .- Go to, make an account and go to the control panel. The first thing you must do is validate the corresponding domain at option validations option wizard -> domain name validation.

4 .- You enter the domain and you’ll get several addresses related to the domain (hostmaster, webmaster and those that may appear on the contacts of the domain registration)

5 .- You will receive in the email account a code that you must enter on the check box. Domain name is now validated.

6 .- Validations wizard -> web server SSL certificate. This step asks you a new password and the encryption level, well, do not put ANYTHING! This option is to generate a key that you already have. So give the skip option.

7 .- Submit Certificate Request (CSR) -> Here just paste the plesk generated CSR signature.

8 .- Select the domain name  and use www subdomain. U’ll get the certificate after finishing this point.  Now you can paste the certificate in Plesk. Care, paste in «certificate», not «CA certificate». We almost have the certificate ready.

9 .- Download both StartSSL root certificates. The first is the intermediary ( https:// ) and the second root ( / certs / ca.pem).

10 .- Copy both fines into one:

<php> root# cat ca.pem > catoot.pem </php>

11.- Upload new catroot.pem file to your plesk certificate. This time is better you use the CA certificate button to send directly the file.

12.- Plesk -> Server -> IP addresses -> select your desired IP -> choose your new certificate.

13.- Stop apache and start it again (better than restart). U’re done !

14.- Just use all internet browsers and confirm that all is working fine 🙂